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 Xenjasbietch 70 hunter

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PostSubject: Xenjasbietch 70 hunter   Xenjasbietch 70 hunter Icon_minitimeSat Aug 02, 2008 7:03 am

Xenjasbietch 70 hunter
Greetings, I'm Mikael 18 years old and I'm from sweden, playing a nightelf hunter called Xenjasbietch and I'd wish to become a member of Tranquility <@:^) To make this as easy to follow as possible I'm just going to follow pretty common list of essencial fact about my character:

Talent spec: You can check my armory profile if you wish to see my current talent specc, however that might not be the specc I intend to use incase I would get accepted to the guild. The reason for this is that I enjoy some PvP once in a while Smile However the usefull thing to know is that I'd most likly go for a 41/20/0 build which is very common in PvE for a simple reason. Incase I would be accepted and my classleader or superiors would dissaprove of my specc or advice me to use something else I would ofc do so.

My proffessions is left behind, however I have a horde char with:
Since the character is located on Kazzak aswell on a active account it allows me to trade over pots, food and fish via the auction houses however it complicates things alittle. But since my main proffessions are herb/alch i can still trade over most of the stuff I can create.

Alts: As mentioned before I have an alternative character, called Xenjassextoy Wink. It's a community member in the horde guild Missanthrope but hence It's a community character I'm not doing much raiding with it so it wouldn't intefear with my raids or anything. I also have a mage called Hamko on lvl 70, it also used to be located on Kazzak but got Migrated to another server after the release of TBC. When it was on Kazzak it was my main and I played with it in a guild called Primal prehaps some of you guys have seen them sometime however I heard the guild disbanded some time ago.

WoW experience in total: My first days in WoW I tryed some diffrent classes, got a Paladin up to 60 before i realised how crappy they were, so i rerolled a mage on kazzak. This was Hamko as I mentioned before, the first guild I joiend was primal and I stayed in it untill I took a break right before TBC and let some friends play on my acc. They migrated the char to Balnazzar where it is located now. Some months after TBC got realesed I started to play again, but on a hunter (this one:) on a server called Dragonmaw. Lvled it to 70 then i started to PvP. Wen't very well but then I got bored and migrated it to Kazzak to pose with the name for some friends in horde. Instead of continueing on this acc I stared a Rogue in horde on Kazzak aswell, Xenjassextoy as I also mentioned earlier. Played that up to 70 and decided hunter was the right thing for me and now I wanna start again. Smile

"- Is it a traded or ebay account?:" As you might realized from the text above it's neither traded or ebayed and I've had this account since the very begenning of WoW

Previous guilds: We'll there's 3 guilds in total over 3 characters so as you might imagen i don't swap guilds very often.
1st guild: Primal with my first character Hamko.
2nd guild: Providence, a PvE guild on Dragonmaw the original server for my second character, Xenjassextoy. Reason I left was because I got alittle bored and migrated.
3d guild: Misanthrope with the rogue on this server.

How did I find out about Tranquility?: We'll I haven't spent much time in alliance on this server. But atleast I know what I'm looking, a guild where I think I can be usefull and get to whoop some raidboss ass. So I just started to look for guilds with cool names, sexy leaders, members, hos and the right PvE progress! Very Happy

"- Are you able to check these forums reguarly?" Guys you won't be able to check out everything I reguarly am going to write! ... No but srsly I'll check every important posts and some more.

"- Do you have a stable internet connection?" Yes.

"- Anything else... " First of all just want to thank you for reading this far, atleast if you did... Then I guess you wanna have my armory profile so here it is: - Incase I'm wearing something funny instead of my gear i should have about 30% crit and 2k ap 90% epic excluding the look of my night elf.
PS: Oh and noticed it wasn't really clear about my boss experience, guess the relevent is only in TBC and it's ofc Kara cleared, Gruul, SSC up to Vashj and in TK I only cleared that metal dude.
PPS: Lootreaver...
PPPS: Felreaver is the name actually i think...
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Xenjasbietch 70 hunter
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