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 Prebzz - Hunter

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PostSubject: Prebzz - Hunter   Prebzz - Hunter Icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2008 6:24 pm

Greetings Tranquillity
Character Name: Prebzz
Real Name: Preben
Age: 15
Class: Hunter
Level: 70
Character Spec: Beast Mastery
Played: Total time played 34 days 19 houers 0 minutes 10 sec
Profession's / Skill Level: Leatherworking/Skinning 366/375
Location : Norway
Primary Spoken / written Language: Norwegian. i learn englas at school so i will make to raid with VT.
E mail :

About Me

I am a boy named Preben., lives in Norway and har enough IRL friends at Kazzak. I ply tennis everyday and have a cute girlfriend cheers

Equipment: afro


Beast mastery (a little Marksmanship)

Self Buffed Stats with PVE gear

Power: 1813
Crit Chanse: 22.45%
Hit Rating: 72
Mana Regen: 65 but i can use Aspect of the Wiper: The hunter takes on the aspects of a viper, regenerating mana equal to up to 55% of his Intellect plus 35% of his level every 5 sec. The lower the hunter's current mana, the more mana will be regenerated.

Heroic Keys

Steamvault: Yes
Shattered Halls: Yes
Lower City: Yes
Caverns of Time: Yes
Shataar: Yes


Im Willing to respec if asked to, to improve guild raid performance !

Previous raiding experience:

Azeroth raids

Upper Blackrock Spire - cleared
Karazhan - cleared
Zul'Aman - Wiped at Hex on 0.75%


Zul'Gurub - cleared
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - 3 first bosses


Molten Core - not been here
Onyxia's Lair - wanna go here
Blackwing Lair - here too
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - nope
Naxxramas - i wish

Outland raids

Gruul's Lair - cleared
Magtheridon's Lair - got DC and stayed DC 3 secs before starting atacking Maggy
Serpentshrine Cavern - have IRL friends who can tell me tacs
The Eye - have IRL friends who can tell me tacs
Mount Hyjal - have IRL friends who can tell me tacs
Black Temple - have IRL friends who can tell me tacs

Available raiding times:

I can moustly raid in weekends, the rest of the week too, but i need to go to bed around 23.00 (server time Sleep ).

What can i tell you about me in Game

I'm playing alot.. when not raiding, grinding or farming i am trying to lvl an alt:) (wish me GL)


Previous guilds, and reasons for leaving: my last raiding guild was : Me Slack No More/ i left because i stopped playing wow for a mouth because of the exam.

What I feel I can bring to the guild:

I wanna progress raiding and i'll hope i will be god help/DPS in raids. I hope u will get to know me so when u are borred u can chat with me I love you


I have DBM , Omen and i will download all the addons GM wants me to. I have Ventrillo (v gd headset and mic)

Additional information:

And last but not least: Thank you for taking the time and reading my appplication, i appreciate it sunny bounce Btw i love smilys afro flower lol!
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Prebzz - Hunter
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