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 Raid members Applications

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Raid members Applications Empty
PostSubject: Raid members Applications   Raid members Applications Icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2008 7:49 am

Tranquillity Membership Raid Application

Please find below an example of a comprehensive application expected from applicants wanting to join our raiding group


Guild Application

Greetings Tranquillity
Character Name:
Real Name:
Age: 36
Class: Druid
Level: 70
Character Spec: Balance
Played: Total time played 144 days 18 hours 0 mins 42 secs
Profession's / Skill Level: Enchanting & Jewelcrafting Both at 375/375
Location : UK
Primary Spoken / written Language: English
E mail :

About Me

Well im happy go lucky chap .....etc etc




Self Buffed Stats In Moonkin Form with PVE gear

Bonus DMG: 1218
Spell Crit: 22.95%
Spell Hit Rating: 154
Mana Regen: 266

Computer Spec and Internet connection

CPU: 3.6 intel p4
Ram: patroit 1gb xblk extreme bandwidth
GPU: Ati x850xt his platinum
Internet Connection: dsl up to 16mb

Crafting Proffessions:

Enchanting: 375/375
Jewelcrafting: 375/375
First Aid: 375/375
Fishing: 375/375
Cooking: 375/375

Heroic Keys

Steamvault: Yes
Shattered Halls: Yes
Lower City: Yes
Caverns of Time: Yes
Shataar: yes


Im Willing to respec if asked to, to improve guild raid performance !

Previous raiding experience:

Azeroth raids

Upper Blackrock Spire - cleared
Karazhan - cleared
Zul'Aman - cleared


Zul'Gurub - cleared
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - cleared


Molten Core - cleared
Onyxia's Lair - cleared
Blackwing Lair - cleared
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - cleared
Naxxramas - full clear at lvl 70

Outland raids

Gruul's Lair - cleared
Magtheridon's Lair - cleared
Serpentshrine Cavern - cleared
The Eye - cleared
Mount Hyjal - cleared
Black Temple - Progressed up to ros
All out door Boss's Downed

Available raiding times:

I am able to play pretty much anytime and have no problem playing weekends either.
Raid Attunement:

What can i tell you about me in Game

Well I am mature, dedicated player, allways prepared for raid, i dont mind wiping, grinding for specific gear, in raid i give 100%, I have no issue with following orders, rules etc.


Previous guilds, and reasons for leaving: blah blah blah

What I feel I can bring to the guild:

I will try hard to progress within the guild and i am also a very dedicated player,and im looking for a well progressing guild that i can stay apart of long term ....etc etc

People I know in Guild:

person 01, person 02, etc


I have DBM , Omen & Ktm, Decursive i can change and dl more mods if needed for guild. I have Ventrillo and Teamspeak (v gd headset and mic)

Additional information:

My long term goals in game are to progress through all instances ending in Sunwell. and i very much look forward to Wotlk
I hope the imformation supplied is sufficiant and don't hesistate to contact me either in game or at the email address above if anymore is needed.
I would just thank whoever takes the time to read this application and no matter what the outcome I wish you guys & ladies GL and in real life too....,) thx
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Raid members Applications
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